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It started with a dream.

A small group of college students formed with the simple idea of making dreams come true. Dream4TK set out to raise awareness and money for Embrace Kids Foundation. To pursue this goal, five Rutgers students and alumni biked 1,615 miles from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Disney World in Orlando, Florida during the summer of 2013. They set out to start not just a fundraiser, but a movement. With the help of sponsors, their friends and family, Embrace Kids Foundation, and a team of incredibly motivated Rutgers students and alumni, they were able to make their crazy, “impossible” idea a reality. They hoped their feat served as a symbol for any child or family struggling with disease, and as inspiration for anyone hoping to make a positive difference in the world. Dream4TK was a completely student-run grassroots group and hoped to continue inspiring others as their mission continued to live on past their inaugural trip.

Today, The (newly named) Dream Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering a new generation of young adults to become leaders within their communities through service and civic engagement. Through local partnerships, we encourage those between the ages of 18-25 to think creatively and plan adventure-based fundraising initiatives to support the mission of charitable organizations. Dreamers embody the core values of creativity, perseverance, grit, and compassion as they learn the importance of fulfilling one’s own dreams while helping others realize theirs as well. By pledging to take part in one of our Dream Journeys, Dreamers pledge to raise money while committing to a summer of service as they bike, run, or hike towards a brighter tomorrow.

If you’re between the ages of 18-25 and want to find out more information about getting involved, drop us a line. Read everything you need to know about becoming a Dreamer here and apply here. Neither biking nor fundraising experience are required. Interested in donating to the cause or becoming a sponsor? We’d love to hear from you.

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